Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latex pet

For me I REALLY enjoy objectification. I also enjoy pet play. While I have a variety of things this is one of the ultimate things for me. It takes 2 things to make this ultimate fantasy to reality. Imagination, will power, and a partner who is interested in the side of this fantasy if not having the fantasy of this itself. A partner A partner turned to to be free of stresses focused on what is going on A latex bound partner A bound partner restricted to movements of a pet A pet to play with A pet put in a cage as I get ready for them A pet for me to use as I please A pet to care for and cherish A toy to claim as my own A pet to cuddle with after I am done using her A pet to unwrap into the great partner they are A partner to talk and enjoy our experiences A partner to look forward to the next time :)

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