Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am quite the control freak, yet I am not much of a Sadist. In fact I would most things that I do are because I want to do them or I want to gain more control. In this I have found mind fucks, being strong for them, humiliation and sensual domination help much this more. I will occasionally have a sadistic streak in me which I need to release but even then it because I want to not because I enjoy giving pain. I would like to ask how sadism helps yuo sadist and masochist with the D/s dynamic.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Immersion of Dominace and Submssion

In everyday life I enjoy just the fact of living. I have many interest and I try to indulge them all. What gets me going is a feminine figure and the personality to match. Submissive tenancies excite the dominance from within. For me even being the control freak that I am have no interest in taking submission from one who does not want it. But those that do its like an anticipation on what I will take and what we will become. What i like to do at the beginning of most play dates now if possible is to wear my locking metal play collar. I love the way it looks and love the way it takes and stand for control. For the rest of the date they are mine. From there I do as I please: bondage, discipline, obedience, domination. This is to transform them to my toy. They are mine to play with to use, to have serve me. For the them they are completely powerless, but in a way they gain power and a freedom which comes from it. But it is not about me or her.... it is US.

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