Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year. A New Goal

One of those goals is to keep up my blog :P. This is something I have neglected this past year. I have had the best of times this year, but I have had good times and those are times I will not forget. But right now I am in a career that is OK. I am feeling as if I should do a little more with myself. Here is what I want to accomplish for 2013 *Get my passport -- I love to travel... why not. *Create something -- I like being creative... time to make something. *keep with the workout routine *try to explore something small everyday... Learn and discovery is always a good thing *take more pictures -- I always forget to take pics *try to be the best I can be **THE BIG GOAL. Gain a new skill to a novice level. Here is a list Learn to PLC program Learn to write Macros Learn to speak German Learn to read Japanese Learn to speak better Spanish Be capable of programming a robot Most of these have nothing to do with kink but figured I would post it here to see what everyone thinks about it. I want to do one of them. My adventures in kink continue to be amazing so I should have some stuf to present here soon!!

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