Saturday, July 26, 2014

Latex and the new bed

I was going to write more but I am feeling lazy today.  Let us just say this involved Libidex princess cut catsuit, Polymorphe latex hood, Bondage mitts (not sure who made them), We-Vibe IV, my bed I build and designed, my beautiful girl, a dildo.

It involved a bit of face fucking and fucking once I removed the dildo.

I will add a few pics here and let you imagination finish this.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The feeding

Absolute control!!
Hooded with only a mouth open 
A collar and leash, attached to my belt loop
Hand cuffed
She cannot get off my erect cock
I let her do what little movements she can to get her oral fixation
I push her head all the way down and move it at my will when I please
She cannot not move until she is fed.

She takes her protein greedily

She is a very good girl and I am a happy owner.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The toy

A sub/slave/toy/pet wants their masters love and care and too be the pleasure for their dom.  This person wants to be used and taken to the desire of the dom.  Whatever pleases them.  In return the the sub wants to be held, petted loved and taken care of my someone they trust

The other day I had the pleasure of someone being my toy for the evening.  This person whom I had played with previously had asked kindly if the could suck my cock longer.  I of course had no issue with this.  I decided for this reason she would be face fucked a bit.  I began by letter her worship it for a little.  The I got out the collar and hood.  I left her arms unbound just due to the fact I was quite eager to get things rolling again.  I let her worship a bit more before I decided to face fuck her nice and hard.  After quit a bit a gagging, chocking and drooling, I decided to give her mouth a break and use her from behind. I grabbed her collar and lead her to the bedroom.

I got her to the bed  and began to finger her.  I decided she should be gagged too as well um... I like gags.. and hoods.... and collars... and leashes which is what I grabbed next.  The leash was placed on her back as I finger fucked her some more before placing my cock in.  I grabbed the leash pulling her onto my cock.  After a short peroid of time her wetness was running down to me and shortly there after I exploded inside of her.

Good times were had by all :) 

Afterward we both relaxed.  I kept her in the hood for little and then without it.  Having her in my arms was icing one the cake.  And if you are reading this it is putting a smile on my face as I write this.

Monday, September 2, 2013

On Display

This is fiction... for now

I had instructed my girl to meet me in the hotel room.    Instructions were given as follows:

  • Clothing was to be off and placed out of the way other than her collar.
  • The window side of the room was to free of obstructions.
  • She was to be on her knees with her hands behind her back at the door when I arrived in 30 minutes.
As I a entered the room my girl had done as instructed.  I grabbed her collar and unzipped my pants and gently placed my cock partially in her mouth.  I looked into her eyes and said "move around your tongue so you can taste what you will get later".  I pet her hair and look at her until I withdraw myself.

I add my leash to her collar and I lead her to the window.  I grabbed a ball gag and lock it on her.  Her facing the window I open the curtains.  "I am going to show off what is mine to whomever is lucky enough to view you".  The hotel is a high rise.  It is the evening and eve though we have the lights on noticing other rooms this will not be a spotlight but if someone was looking carefully enough they would notice the nude girl gagged by the window.

Dangerous was how she felt which got her very wet.  I blindfolded her to keep her from getting distracted.  I grabbed my laptop to finish some work.  "I am finishing work, stay still like a pretty little play doll for me.  I will be done in a little while".   A little later on my work was finished.  It was now time to pay some attention to my very obedient toy.

I took off her blindfold.  I grabbed her collar and raised her to her feet.  Still looking at the window, I place my hand around her leg and gently touched around her clit.  She was very wet.  "Bend over, put your hands on the AC unit".  I could hardly resist myself.  I pushed my cock with ease into her.  I started thrusting slowly and gradually picked up pace.  Soon enough she tried to beg through her gag to cum.  I gave her permission and she began to shake.  This put me over the edge and my cum poured into her.

I took the gag off of her so she could clean me off.  With my cock clean I sent her to bed.  I soon crawled in bed with her.  She had been a very good toy for me, and made me very happy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carnal Desires

I often in the beginning a kink involved relationship (especially in the beginning) that play tends to spiral.  A new person and the new possibilities that surround it often tempts the mind into wandering what those possibilities might be while being cautious not to go too quickly.  Magnetic attraction to each other is often hard to resist.  One thing lead to another another and resistance is hard to overcome.  Though there is merit to opening one present at a time too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In need of a muse

Once again I have not made a post here in a while.  I am single once again and am in need of a muse to stir my creative streak.  As I do have some post to make from my last partner I did not take too many photos due to someone threatening to out her.  I am now contemplating what my next creation will be and what I will share with my next partner.  I hope it to be good partnership for both of us that will last.  While my last door has closed, I look forward to the exploration in my future.  It is time for another adventure!

One door closes another opens

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things in the world that make me sad.

This past weekend my girlfriend's fetlife account was hacked. Someone decided to go into her account block many of her friends, change her name and delete all of her groups from her account. Why this bothers me someone invaded her space to get to her I think.

Why the negativity....

I see on fetlife making comments ranting about what others do Why the negativity.... I now have someone commenting on my blog that seems to enjoy saying bad things about me. Of course this person has never met me or any of my friends. Apparently I am bald, fat, have no friends and little cock according to this person) This person is correct on one thing. I do have a "learning disability" I am dyslexic. This does not bother me as much as my girlfriend being hacked or people bickering about each other, but still there is nothing but negativity

Why the negativity....


I hope everyone that reads this can find something positive to say about someone you don't like. Or better yet do something nice for someone you don't like. I should try to do this too. Positive makes the world a better place. Positive makes me happy.