Thursday, April 30, 2009


I made these myself using from supplies at a sewing store.

I placed the ends in tool dip several times. After that I did a little testing to make sure they did what I wanted them too. They are much stronger than what you find at your local porn shop. I added leather string in order to tie them off as a form of perdicament bondage which I very much enjoy. Seeing a sub hold her toes still to avoid the clamps from pulling all while a Hitachi Wand is going to work on her. I figured I would play around some with gimp for my first photo posted here. Just the clamps in this photo, but Im sure will have more fun photos soon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beauty of Power Exchange

I have always had a view that the power exchange is very erotic, but why. I always view a D/s relation has a more intimate dynamic than a vanilla one. That closeness you feel to the other person. The trust that is given and taken. The high energy that comes with that. I view in like an ionic bond. I am the chlorine that takes the electron from the her, the sodium. Her submission completes me. As my dominance over her sets her free as I become a pillar of strength for her to rest on. Despite this I see the submissive as my equal even though she is under me. It is what we make that I find is important. Salt, our dynamic together. I guess you can say what turns me on is us making salt of each other. As a Dom I find the submission beautiful. Her accepting my cock as I please to give it to her. Her being transformed into my pet, my toy. To use as I see fit, yet I give her what she needs and wants from it. I find this beautiful.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The start of a new era.

This first blog post I have ever done. I am not a writer but I feel I can share my expressions with other people through this medium. To express my ideas. The devices I create in my head. And the real life interactions I do to make fantasy into reality (consensually of course). I have large interest in BDSM and plan to focus on that in this blog. I hope to share many pics and thoughts with everyone in the near future.