Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rubber Fuck Toy

This past Friday I instructed my girl to get into her latex catsuit as I arrived. She did as she was told. Over top of her catsuit was regular lounge wear so she could get me inside of her building. After a brief stay on the couch relaxing we moved to her bedroom. She was only wearing her catsuit and locking collar. I kissed her and attached my latex hood to her with an open mouth. After doing so she grabbed my cock to play with it and get it hard. I made out with my little latex toy. Soon after she was placed in the arm binder and place on the bed on her knees. I climbed into bed in front of her. Opening the bottom of her catsuit for access to her cunt. I played with my helpless toy. After that her head was grabbed and shoved on my cock. in her mouth. While I enjoyed my toys mouth her cunt was just too we to ignore. I grabbed the latex inflatable gag and put that in her mouth, the got underneath her and let her ride it. She was fucked as a good fuck toy should be


  1. Techbondage: you have no respect for women. Someone needs to just go ahead and cut your nutsack off, because whatever it is that makes you hard is FUCKED UP. I'm guessing you got picked on a lot growing up so now your way of dealing with it is to take it out on vulnerable women. You most likely have a small cock and low self esteem. Get some help. Your writing is not erotic. It's on par with that of a twelve year old.

  2. @Anonymous: I am not going to delete this because I want others who have misconceptions about the lifestyle. You know nothing about me or the lifestyle or those who play with me. I suggest you read and talk to other people who are into BDSM. You will find many girl are into this and not because they are vulnerable. I got picked on some as a kid but not that badly. BDSM is based on care, love and a creative exploration outlet. It is NOT about sex even though sex is often involved.

    I will be more than happy to share information to those who want to know more.

    1. Sorry chump. You still write worse than Hemmingway on a bad day. You use run on sentences, juxtipose singular and plural nouns, drop articles and need to begin new paragraphs with transitions. You get a D-. Perhaps in a general education class with a sympathetic instructor you get a C. That would be a gift.
      Your pictures are average at best. Invest in a better camera. Try some lighting or angles. You might as well be using a Polaroid in the dark. Did you ever hear about the notion of darks, lights & middles? Do you visual standpoint? You might be better suited in a career boring holes in sheet metal. The creativity is lacking. In layman's terms: your pictures blow.
      I know plenty about the lifestyle, kid. I'm not the one with a stupid codename who's on every godforsaken BSDM site out there in a pathetic attempt to attract any female's attention possible. You're the sick kind of fuck who turns to the lifestyle because you're ugly, going prematurely bald and have no real social circle or esteem. So now you cycle through women, degrade and use them, take misersble photographs and write utterly sexist and juvenile garbage regarding it all. Seriously man... stick to a bottle of lotion.

    2. @ Anonymous This is really foolish behavior. Why are you making silly and foolish accusations about me? Why are you so negative. I will admit I should take some more time to release some of my writings, but I have other things do such as work on my career. My photos here are not to create artwork to but to share a story. Perhaps you would like to share your creativity or why you have false perceptions about me and the lifestyle?