Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rubber Fuck Toy

This past Friday I instructed my girl to get into her latex catsuit as I arrived. She did as she was told. Over top of her catsuit was regular lounge wear so she could get me inside of her building. After a brief stay on the couch relaxing we moved to her bedroom. She was only wearing her catsuit and locking collar. I kissed her and attached my latex hood to her with an open mouth. After doing so she grabbed my cock to play with it and get it hard. I made out with my little latex toy. Soon after she was placed in the arm binder and place on the bed on her knees. I climbed into bed in front of her. Opening the bottom of her catsuit for access to her cunt. I played with my helpless toy. After that her head was grabbed and shoved on my cock. in her mouth. While I enjoyed my toys mouth her cunt was just too we to ignore. I grabbed the latex inflatable gag and put that in her mouth, the got underneath her and let her ride it. She was fucked as a good fuck toy should be