Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The intimacy of BDSM

I'm back after a long hiatus. There have been many changes in my life sense the last post. Relationships ending and a new one beginning which is now growing strong and looks to go stronger.

BDSM is very strong both physically mentally and emotionally. For BDSM to truly feel right I need those thing with someone I play with. I like doing very "bad" things to people I like. Control and objectification seriously turn me on. But to do this I must have an intimate connection. When I control someone we become one. That person is an extension of me. To do this I must care deeply about that person. For what I do is an us thing. I am apart of them too.

This bound girl bellow, her connection wit me as we stair into each others eyes the more control I want. What starts as pictures ends as much more as we connect as the time allows us. But knowing we both really like what we do to each other to become this ONE puts a smile to my face :)