Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things in the world that make me sad.

This past weekend my girlfriend's fetlife account was hacked. Someone decided to go into her account block many of her friends, change her name and delete all of her groups from her account. Why this bothers me someone invaded her space to get to her I think.

Why the negativity....

I see on fetlife making comments ranting about what others do Why the negativity.... I now have someone commenting on my blog that seems to enjoy saying bad things about me. Of course this person has never met me or any of my friends. Apparently I am bald, fat, have no friends and little cock according to this person) This person is correct on one thing. I do have a "learning disability" I am dyslexic. This does not bother me as much as my girlfriend being hacked or people bickering about each other, but still there is nothing but negativity

Why the negativity....


I hope everyone that reads this can find something positive to say about someone you don't like. Or better yet do something nice for someone you don't like. I should try to do this too. Positive makes the world a better place. Positive makes me happy.