Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A good saturday fuck

I have been very busy of late but thought I would share.

I now own the girl featured lately in this blog. A few Saturdays ago I thought it would be a good idea use my property (as I usually do) ;) To start out I decided to start up my laptop. While doing this of course I put my girls mouth to work. My cock became quite hard quickly. After giving her a little taste. I grabbed the heavy collar and chain for a leash and locked it on to her. I added ankle cuffs and a hood as well. Now time for some whipping. I attached the leash to an above head eye bolt forcing her to hold to leash to stay up. The flogger and the rubber whip to be used next.

After my time with this my cock got hard so off the eye bolt. I added an armbinder. Grabbing the leash I pulled her helpless hooded face onto my cock thrusting it up and down as I pleased until her I gave her a load if cum her her mouth. After my cock was cleaned I figured she deserved a reward. I took off the armbinder and cuffed her hands. I added the inflatable gag to muffle her. The hitachi would be a good reward for my toy. After a little time she was trying to ask for permission to cum. she could hardly say it. I kept the hitachi on for a few rounds if this.

With her being so moist it was time to fuck my toy and play my seed in her pussy. I turned her over and fucked her doggie, hooded and gagged. I pounded my fuck toy. and then cuddled with her bound. Both of us satisfied

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