Sunday, September 29, 2013

The toy

A sub/slave/toy/pet wants their masters love and care and too be the pleasure for their dom.  This person wants to be used and taken to the desire of the dom.  Whatever pleases them.  In return the the sub wants to be held, petted loved and taken care of my someone they trust

The other day I had the pleasure of someone being my toy for the evening.  This person whom I had played with previously had asked kindly if the could suck my cock longer.  I of course had no issue with this.  I decided for this reason she would be face fucked a bit.  I began by letter her worship it for a little.  The I got out the collar and hood.  I left her arms unbound just due to the fact I was quite eager to get things rolling again.  I let her worship a bit more before I decided to face fuck her nice and hard.  After quit a bit a gagging, chocking and drooling, I decided to give her mouth a break and use her from behind. I grabbed her collar and lead her to the bedroom.

I got her to the bed  and began to finger her.  I decided she should be gagged too as well um... I like gags.. and hoods.... and collars... and leashes which is what I grabbed next.  The leash was placed on her back as I finger fucked her some more before placing my cock in.  I grabbed the leash pulling her onto my cock.  After a short peroid of time her wetness was running down to me and shortly there after I exploded inside of her.

Good times were had by all :) 

Afterward we both relaxed.  I kept her in the hood for little and then without it.  Having her in my arms was icing one the cake.  And if you are reading this it is putting a smile on my face as I write this.

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