Monday, September 2, 2013

On Display

This is fiction... for now

I had instructed my girl to meet me in the hotel room.    Instructions were given as follows:

  • Clothing was to be off and placed out of the way other than her collar.
  • The window side of the room was to free of obstructions.
  • She was to be on her knees with her hands behind her back at the door when I arrived in 30 minutes.
As I a entered the room my girl had done as instructed.  I grabbed her collar and unzipped my pants and gently placed my cock partially in her mouth.  I looked into her eyes and said "move around your tongue so you can taste what you will get later".  I pet her hair and look at her until I withdraw myself.

I add my leash to her collar and I lead her to the window.  I grabbed a ball gag and lock it on her.  Her facing the window I open the curtains.  "I am going to show off what is mine to whomever is lucky enough to view you".  The hotel is a high rise.  It is the evening and eve though we have the lights on noticing other rooms this will not be a spotlight but if someone was looking carefully enough they would notice the nude girl gagged by the window.

Dangerous was how she felt which got her very wet.  I blindfolded her to keep her from getting distracted.  I grabbed my laptop to finish some work.  "I am finishing work, stay still like a pretty little play doll for me.  I will be done in a little while".   A little later on my work was finished.  It was now time to pay some attention to my very obedient toy.

I took off her blindfold.  I grabbed her collar and raised her to her feet.  Still looking at the window, I place my hand around her leg and gently touched around her clit.  She was very wet.  "Bend over, put your hands on the AC unit".  I could hardly resist myself.  I pushed my cock with ease into her.  I started thrusting slowly and gradually picked up pace.  Soon enough she tried to beg through her gag to cum.  I gave her permission and she began to shake.  This put me over the edge and my cum poured into her.

I took the gag off of her so she could clean me off.  With my cock clean I sent her to bed.  I soon crawled in bed with her.  She had been a very good toy for me, and made me very happy.


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