Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meeting Local Kinksters

I have always been a fan of meeting people in real life rather than on a chatroom. First of all I consider meeting in person the real thing. Chatrooms and instant messenger can be misleading when talking to someone else. You assume a person is telling the truth. I understand of course that people are iffy about going out first hand to tell the world they are kinky, so I do think the chat rooms have there spot. I do like sites such as collarme and FetLife bridge this gap. Once I find some cool people to meet, I meet them.

I did end up meeting another kinkster this week. Of course we keep things vanilla to start and grab a bite to eat at a local pizza joint, Lillys Pizza. (Damn good pizza if your in the Raleigh area!!!). I consider this a golden opportunity to network my ideas and they network there ideas. Just two like minded people hanging out. Of course finding someone to play with is fun too but not why I meet and greet. I consider the fact I have gained a like-minded friend a success. If anyone would like to share meet ups they have had in the past please feel free to comment.

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