Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hoods are one of many favorite devices to use. Being a fan of objectification and the enjoyment of being a friendly control freak I include them into many scenes. I enjoy taking away the face as they are turned into an anonymous pet, toy, doll or whatever else I want them to be. It keeps them in the dark. Additionally, I like a little breath play with it. But enough talk time to show a few pics.


  1. *shivers* hmmm... scary hood! you know from my blog how far i've come with wearing hoods. They can do many things and for me, they make me very submissive very quickly.

    t. x

  2. trinity: These hoods are no joke. I want to get one that is SLIGHTLY less intense. SG has the right idea about working with somebody on a fear. I am glad to see you worked through it. Keep up the fun.