Sunday, October 2, 2011

hood time

This is from last week on an amazing session my girl and I had together. I started the scene by showing her things I would use on her: my latex hood with open mouth and nose, my latex inflatable gag, my hand mitts, my Hitachi, my leather armbinder. To start off my evening with the armbinder and my cock. After a fantastic facefuck I figured a good fucking was in order. Cum rushes out into my rubber fuck toy.

Time for her to have some fun armbinder off and on go the mitts. I attache them to eyebolts above. I get under her and start the hitachi. She can can only wiggle and take what I give. After playing with her like this for a while I take her down and continue to do what I was doing. She cums hard and twice. I hold her. Yum... thats a good sunday.

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