Friday, November 19, 2010

Leaving my mark

It has been too long and I have been slack on writing in my blog... I need a secretary lol. Any how I wanted to reflect on the end of a great weekend with my pet. When I leave I always enjoy leaving a reminder of what we did, and what she means to me. I use a figure knife which I have displayed in this blog before. I take the a scratch her just so there is a nice welt left behind. I tried to do it in low light which did no leave as clean of a mark as I wanted but none the less I think she looked beautiful with my mark on her. After taking what is mine she curls up at my feet just as we both need to part. She is hard to say goodbye too, as we live 4 hours away, but well worth knowing she will remember the mark I left and the anticipation for our next meeting.

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