Monday, November 2, 2009

Little black dress

The other day I had a great play date. My little kitty got a new dress. A latex dress at that. :) So a play date was in store. We went for some sushi and after that is was back to my place for some fun. She wore her dress underneath vanilla clothing which turned me on from the get go. As we arrived back I had her remove all but her dress. I placed a play collar on her and locked it. She was mine and I planned to play with her and use her like a good cum slut she is. I started with her sucking my cock. Not long I wanted to fuck her with her little outfit on. I got her to fetch a condom. Sbe looked so hot with her pussy hanging out of her dress as she crawled to the toy bag. I would have fucked her right there. But I got her on my bed and took her from behind thrusting my dick into her wetness. And I fucked her. Then I had her clean my cock. Which resulted in more fucking. I was going to have her gagged for a bit that night but her dress tonight was my focus which made me quite horny. ;)


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