Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Drive >:)

For the time being this is fantasy but it could happen and would be really hot. I wanted to share my idea. Let me know what you think.


We start the day off with a suggested road trip with my toy slut. I hold the collar open and around her neck. I then padlock it shut. I feel her submission grow as a pet her hair. She wears a tank miniskirt and 5" stilettos. But on to the trip. I grab the leash, a tens and several cuffs. I handcuff her hands behind her back. and add the leash to the collar. I lead her outside to my car.

She gets into the car as a obedient pet would. I use two of the cuffs to attach her feet to the car seat. I un-cuff her hands to attach them to the seat. I them care fully add an electric probe into her pussy and electric clamps to her breast. I attach the tens to her belt buckle and set it go off at random. Now off to the mountains.

After a while of seeing her all helpless to the voltage going to her I got a bit horny. Time to use my toy slut as a slut should be used. We find a rest area with little traffic. I cut off the tens and unhook her from the tens and free her from the car. She smiles as she know what is about to happen.

I walk her to the grass and tell her to crawl. I lead her on hands and knees to picnic bench on the hill. I pull her hair and tell her to stand up. "Good girl" I say. I grab her cunt and see it is very wet. I tell her to bend over the table. I lift up her skirt and slide my figures in. After this I pull me paints away from my crouch and take my already hard penis and shove it in her. I go slow for a few strokes ten pic up pace and fuck her hard. After a little she ask permission to cum. I tell her to wait as I feel mine will come in a minute. As I get closer I give her permission. Her body twist around as a shoot my load. I pull back my pants and lower her skirt as we relax for a fewe. I grab the leash and lead her back to the car. I chain her and let her rest for I know I want her well rested when I please to use her next. :)


From your twisted friend Tech

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  1. Mmmm.... pretty hot!! :-)

    i hope you're well. Good to see you back.

    t. x