Thursday, June 18, 2009

Total Frustration and Redemption

This phase has come and gone but I would like to share what I have had weighing on me the last few weeks. For some time I have been unemployed and single. The single part I have not minded where I have had fun being single. But now that I'm ready for a relationship I have not found anyone I really want. On top of that being unemployed has put me in a position of not knowing where my life was going. But what really topped it off was a few weekends that should have been awesome ended up lame. This was the last thing I needed. But after this I look back and really my life is (was) not that bad. And what keeps me on top most of the time is positive realistic thinking. I saw this as I need to look forward and not worry about stuff that already happened. So on to doing some fun kinky stuff. :)


  1. *hugs* i really hope that you can find yourself some work soon - it's not an easy time to do that, but have hope.

    Finding someone comes to you when you least expect it (so they say) and so be patient and keep positive. It's out there... somewhere.

    t. x

  2. trinity,

    Thanks, I need to do a couple more post soon. I have now gotten a job at least for the next few months. As for finding someone I am not that worried about it. I just had a couple things go south, but its still good. It just came at a bad time. I am not too worried. Now that I am moving it seems I am meeting quite a few people.