Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beauty of Power Exchange

I have always had a view that the power exchange is very erotic, but why. I always view a D/s relation has a more intimate dynamic than a vanilla one. That closeness you feel to the other person. The trust that is given and taken. The high energy that comes with that. I view in like an ionic bond. I am the chlorine that takes the electron from the her, the sodium. Her submission completes me. As my dominance over her sets her free as I become a pillar of strength for her to rest on. Despite this I see the submissive as my equal even though she is under me. It is what we make that I find is important. Salt, our dynamic together. I guess you can say what turns me on is us making salt of each other. As a Dom I find the submission beautiful. Her accepting my cock as I please to give it to her. Her being transformed into my pet, my toy. To use as I see fit, yet I give her what she needs and wants from it. I find this beautiful.


  1. Very nice description..put well into words.
    Welcome to Blogger. There are M/many of U/us here.

  2. Your description is lovely. It puts into exact words how I feel about dominance and submission. Thank you :)


  3. Anneal,M and A: Thanks for the compliment. I viewed this blog as a way to express myself and let others know what I am thinking.